How laser hair removal works?

Depending on the wavelength, the laser either heats the hair follicle or blocks the capillaries - to stop nourishing the hair, which is the goal. We have you covered, by providing 3 wavelengths for maximum efficiency.
The Alexandrite Laser strongly reacts on pigment, this is why it is the most effective laser for dark pigmented hair and light skin. The laser will only pick up the dark color of the hair, therefore will not be effective for light or blonde color hair in the treatment area. For the same reason, this laser is not appropriate for dark or tanned skin.
The Diode Laser is effective for a mostly medium skin tones and hair colors.
The YAG Laser is perfect for darker skin color, as the laser doesn't react to the pigment, instead it closes the capillaries that nourish the hair follicle.