Skin care before and after laser hair removal

If it’s still not your daily ritual, please start using SPF30+ sunscreen on treated areas that are exposed to sun 2 weeks in advance.
Important, this laser treatment is not recommended if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or having any health issues.
Please shave the hair using a razor on desired areas 2 days before treatment to allow small growth of the hair at the time of laser treatment. When shaving, do not use wax, sugar or bleaching. Also, do not scrub treatment areas, as it will damage the skin.
Before the treatment
Please use SPF30+ sunscreen and moisturizer on treated areas exposed to sun within at least 2 weeks after treatment.
Let treated hair fall away naturally within 5-10 days after treatment. If after 2-3 days, the hair is still present, it is ok to shave the area, however do not pull on the hair.
After treatment, avoid using creams containing retinol or glycolic acid. Only use moisturizing and soothing creams instead.
After treatment care